#Neighborhood Living
Albury School
New Zealand

There is very limited cellphone coverage in the Albury and surrounding areas. This is of a very real concern, due to the large farming community and the local school being unable to contact emergency services. When faced with an emergency often a landline is not accessible. In this case cellphones can save lives.

We have three defibrillators currently situated in our area but no immediate access to cellphone coverage where they are located. During a Civil Emergency people need to be contacted immediately as often the area can be cut off from the outside world.

A real concern also is the issue of contacting the Rural Volunteer Fire Brigade due to personal pagers not activating when needed and without cellphone coverage response time can be compromised.

We, the undersigned, call on the Telecommunication Companies 'Spark' and 'Vodafone' to install cellphone towers in the Albury and surrounding areas to cover a 'black spot' between Fairlie and Pleasant Point.

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