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About a year ago a very nice woman had been taken from us, her name was Jennifer Davidson! She was the vice president of programming at Cartoon Network. Unfortunately she died and that means someone else has to take her place. This person happened to be Robert Swartz he had a very good history with the Sci-fi network. Although he has no history with Cartoons.

He also has not lived up to the responsibilities needed for Cartoon Network! Believe me I am not insulting Mr. Swartz. Mr. Swartz is probably having as much bad luck or more from this because he gets paid for what he's doing! Therefore because he has no history with cartoons he should not be running Cartoon Network.

I also feel that its for his sake that he does not run Cartoon Network anymore hes probably having ruff go at it right now! So thank you, and please please sign my petition!

We, the undersigned, call on Cartoon Network to find someone with experience in Cartoons for programming responsibilities.

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