#Animal Welfare
Mcminn County

The growing number of abandoned and free roaming pets have become a problem in Mcminn County. More and More are we confronted with horrific news about animals that have been killed or otherwise subjected to terrible abuse.

Animal welfare activists have been trying for many years to improve the situation for strays and have made great personal and financial efforts to do so. Mcminn Regional Humane Society for instance, is a drop off point for most homeless pets in Mcminn County.

Sadly, the fastest solution for solving the stray population is euthanasia of the animals. Instead of stopping the mass production of pets by uncontrolled breeding.

At the Athens location animal shelter, animals remain there only a few days (30 days being the limit, but hardly any animal stays that long) before they are set up on a hard metal table, euthanized (some go into seizures before they die), then their bodies are dumped in the Mcminn Landfill. In the same manner animals will be increasingly treated as disposables by irresponsible people.

Euthanasia of our companion animals becomes a solution for a human made problem that people are not willing to solve. To eliminate the stray problem people need to develop compassion or responsibility.

The right to practice euthanasia in order to eliminate a self created problem obviates the necessity of teaching citizens to treat animals with respect.

Petition on the welfare of pets and stray animals in Mcminn County.

1. To introduce measures to impose severe punishments on people who abandon or mistreat a pet or a stray animal.

2. To put in place a system for mandatory sterilization of all cats and dogs without probable cause ( breeder in approved associations A.K.C. etc.)

3. To ban the killing of pets and stray animals in shelters after a certain time limit.

4. To catch strays only for the purposes of vaccination, sterilization, reassignment or re-owning to new owner.

5. To implement animal welfare as subject in schools.

6. To ban mass productions of animals, e.g. so called puppy mills.

We thank you for considering our claims!

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