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When a detainee is booked into a jail, with the exception of few counties in Michigan, they are not given any type of mental health screening. The rate of mentally ill peoples incarcerated has quadrupled over the past six years.

The estimated population of mentally ill persons incarcerated is 1.25 million, five times higher than that of the general public. Upon entry into the corrections facility, those who are aware of their mental health issue and report them, can be forced to wait up to three months to receive mental health care; this amount of time varies by county and can be significantly higher. We believe this is a violation of basic human rights.

With the implementation of a standardized mental health screening test, such as the GAIN-SS screen, those who are truly in need will be identified immediately at the time of incarceration. The usage of such a mental health screening does not cost the tax payers any money, does not require specialized training, and only takes about five minutes to complete. By identifying and aiding those with mental health problems, we also reduce the rate of recidivism. Please take the time to sign this petition.

Implementing the usage of such a tool is simple, free and highly effective.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now, to implement the standardized usage of mental health screening(s), such as the GAIN-SS screening, in jail.

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