Vice-Chancellor Glover and Western Growth Team,

Currently, Western Sydney University Campuses have poor waste management strategies, with numerous instances of over flowing garbage bins, contaminated recycling bins and poor signage. With the rapid population expansion in Western Sydney, it is imperative that the University is at the forefront of developing and supporting innovations to cope with population growth, including waste management. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that around 160 million beverage containers are discarded as litter in NSW per year (NSW EPA 2014-15 data). Reverse vending

With the opening of the new Liverpool campus in 2018, we ask you to consider implementing reverse vending machines in the new campus.

We as a part of the Western Sydney university community, call on students, staff and community members to take part in this petition to introduce reverse vending machines on the Liverpool campus in 2018. to allow for a better approach to waste management, which aims to deliver better environmental results in the future. It is our hope, that using Liverpool campus as a pilot program will deliver positive results that see the rollout of RVMs across all Western Sydney University campuses.

It has been indicated to staff and students through forums that no food outlets will be on the new campus, rather only vending machines. We believe these vending machines will contribute to the amount of waste produced by the University in terms of single use cans and PET bottles. Reverse vending machines provide a viable disposal option that can prevent recyclable goods becoming contaminated, enabling the University to take a proactive approach to dealing with beverage container litter.

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