#Human Rights
George's Inc. Springdale Arkansas
United States of America

George's Poultry Processing plant in Springdale Arkansas, specifically on Porter Rd, continues to mistreat employees (my husband included) unfairly during Covid 19 pandemic.

The "point system" implemented for attendance before the pandemic has not been adjusted to adapt to employees & families health care needs during Covid 19.

George's "appears" to be adhering to some of the guidelines for preventing spread of virus, to a certain extent, however, management continues to prevent workers from tending to critical needs such as Covid testing, health care appointments, etc. Workers continue to get docked points which result in termination at a certain limit, and go without wages for any duration absent from work , even if documentation is provided by health care provider "doctors note" excusing absence, as direct result of anything Covid 19 related.
I can relate to this on a personal level due to the fact my husband is a full time employee with George's for almost a year now, and we have been directly affected by George's actions.

According to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, guided by the US Department of Labor, everything George's continues to enforce regarding sick leave, pay, the docking of 2 points per day for any absences even Covid-19 related, and SPECIFICALLY requiring employees to miss at least 3 days consecutively of work while having a note from doctor before considering to not dock them points is unfair, unjust and the plant continues to see increase in Covid outbreak among employees.

Clearly, not only does this affect the individuals working at George's, but selfishly puts families in danger. Classic ripple effect of impact on the community involved.

George's Poultry Processing needs to stop"bullying" their workers with this point system, at least during these times. Any worker should have the right to due pay and be excluded from being docked points if verifiable reason has anything to do with Covid 19 including their immediate families. Any attendance points which have already been placed against them since the ACT was enforced should be pardoned . Fear of job loss and repercussions from unemployment should NOT be a concern of my husband or any other workers at George's, Porter Rd plant Springdale Arkansas.


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