#Law & Order
Tom Beheler
United States of America

The President, House of Representatives and The Senate have failed miserably in leading this country. They are destroying us day by day.

They have disgraced the constitution and the principles on which this great nation was found. We have turned into a country of entitlements instead of the land of opportunity.

This is why I am calling for action as "WE THE PEOPLE; to stand up and demand impeachment hearings for all! We will set new rules for term limits, pay and their limits of power. Their will be no more life time politicians and they will live by the same rules that we as citizens do.

Join me now in signing this petition so that we can protect this great land for our kids and grand kids!

We the undersigned call on the Supreme Court of the United States of America to expel from office all members of Congress from the House of Representatives and The US Senate as well as Impeach the President of the United States.

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