North Carolina
United States of America

The Citizens of North Carolina acknowledge the Governor of the State of NC has failed to uphold his oath of office under Article III Section 4 by grossly violating the Constitution of North Carolina and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Impeachable acts of Roy Cooper include:
1. He is Violating ARTICLE I Section 1. of the NC Constitution by denying Citizens liberty, the enjoyment of the fruits of their own labor, and the pursuit of happiness.

2. He is Violating the NC Emergency Powers Act § 166A-19.30. Additional powers of the Governor during state of emergency, by issuing executive orders without concurrence of the Council of State.

3. He is communicating illegal Executive Orders to the public

4. He has restricted interstate commerce

5. He is manipulating data outputs by refusing to provide all-encompassing data which is leading to improper medical decisions to be made by un-elected bureaucrats to fit a political narrative.

6. He is selectively prosecuting business owners for utilizing their first Amendment rights to publicly dissent against his actions, while allowing large corporations who provide campaign funds to operate.

7. He has violated the first amendment of the US Constitution by arresting people for their right to peaceably assemble, prevented the exercise and freedom of religion, and is restricting the press.

8. He has falsely imprisoned citizens under the guise of safety by restricting them to their homes, during the Stay at Home Order.

9. He is arbitrarily defining Covid 19 occupancy capacities.

10. He is eliminating Citizens access to public services and property, though we dutifully paid for them though our taxes.

11. He is communicating a manipulation of trespass laws to appear as mandates, which are declared under an illegal executive order. This is creating chaos and burdens within the private sector. He has publicly mislead the people by referring to this as law, leading to physical altercations, including a shooting, for which he should be held responsible.

12. He is mismanaging the NCDHHS response to congregate living settings, operating outside the guidance of Vice President Pence. The majority of Covid19 deaths in the state of NC are attributed to these facilities.

13. He is denying children their right to an education under the NC Constitution, failing to provide an acceptable alternative, even though the data does not warrant the response he has taken.

14. He has restricted counties from individual operation, even though their medical data did not warrant a state directed response.

16. He has denied 14th amendment rights equal protection under the NC Constitution

17. He is depriving Citizens in many cases, of the benefits of trial by jury, by the closing of our courts and limiting access by requiring people submit medical records and mask upon entry

While this list is not exhaustive, we feel that these acts against the People in the State of North Carolina are beyond the evidence necessary to impeach and remove Roy Cooper as the Governor of the State of North Carolina.

The Citizens of the State of North Carolina are demanding the Representatives and Senators of the NC Legislature set aside their allegiance to political parties and uphold their oath of office in Article II Section 12 of the NC Constitution, and begin Impeachment proceedings no later than July 8th.

Failure to begin impeachment proceedings will be considered to be complicit in breakdown of government checks and balances in the State of North Carolina.

The citizens will not elect or tolerate those politicians in the Legislature who are in direct violation of their oath of office to uphold the NC and US Constitution.

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