City of Philadelphia
United States of America

Let me please vent to you regarding the city budget address you gave tonight. The city of Philadelphia currently has the highest taxes in the entire country. What exactly are these taxes utilized for?!! City trash collection, I'm positive, is one of the services they're used for. So, with that said, why exactly would/should the citizens pay, on top of already paying, for this service?!

In order to balance the budget you should continue to examine your and your staffs' salaries. 85 grand for a Director of Anti-Poverty Initiatives? What - EXACTLY - does she direct? How irresponsible of the city government and its leader!!

I predict plenty of trash dumping in city lots, parks, creeks, and rivers. And how dare you insult the intelligence of the citizens by proclaiming to tax sugar filled drinks to protect 'us' from obesity. Get REAL! You should be impeached- and impeached NOW!

We, the undersigned, call for the impeachment / resignation of mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia.

The city now has the highest taxes in the entire country and you still want to tax us and charge us for our trash collection; which is already paid for by our tax dollars.


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