#Law & Order
Transitional Federal Government (TFG)

Somali peace deal was signed in Nairobi and a warlord has been elected as interim president, a Warlord like Abdullah Yusuf only brings disaster and failure to our lawless country.

What kind of president stays at another country for a year and his people are crying for help, Why Abdullahi Yusuf stayed in Nairobi until the Kibaki administration literally forced him out of town.

He should be in prison for taking part of the fall of Great Somalia and the killings of innocent children instead they let him take power to kill and destroy whats left. we need change quick.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to force interim government TFG to step down from power and stop the suffering and the struggle of the somali people.

Enough is enough, no more talks or should I call it private meetings, we need to see action and peace in Somalia. If the ICU can bring law and order in Southern Somalia, so should the TFG but we certainly dont need another Iraq or Afghanistan.

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