United States Congress
United States of America

We the undersigned are United States citizens and are registered voters, and hereby request that Congress pass these laws effective immediately regarding immigration reforms. These reforms are to promote loyalty and to ensure vested interest in the well being of our individuals and society as a whole.

We the undersigned implore congress to write a bill and pass into law these reforms on law regarding United states Immigration processes.
No Foreign entity may own U.S. property.
All persons wishing to work or own property in the United States must first obtain U.S.citizenship, after thorough background and pychological checks. That the U.S. mandates that all visas and greencards be immediately annulled and individuals holding such be given 90 to comply with citizenship proceedures or leave the U.S. Anyone not in compliance with these measures be held in contempt of repealed laws and considered criminals subject to immediate deportation.

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