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Immigration Minister Mr Peter Dutton

Hassan Asif, 24, who came to Australia on a student visa last year, was diagnosed with advanced skin cancer in April, and sadly entered the terminal phase last month.

His final wish to have his mother and brother by his side in Melbourne was refused by the Australian High Commission in Pakistan who denied visas to Mr Asif's mother and brother, saying it is not satisfied the pair will return to Pakistan - even though Mr Asif's father and second brother will remain in Pakistan.

Mr Asif's Melbourne oncologists wrote a letter of support for his family to enter Australia, saying treatment had ceased and he would soon enter the 'terminal phase'. Medical oncology registrar Dr Kortnye Morris wrote in the letter that it would be very beneficial for Mr Asif to have his family's support as he was 'socially isolated'.

Among the reasons for the Immigration Department's refused to grant Mr Asif's mother and brother a visa, was concerns they didn't have enough money for the three month trip.

However the Melbourne City Mission Refuge, where Mr Asif is currently in care, said they have already committed to pay all the costs associated with bringing his family to Australia.

'We think it's really important that he has his mum there when he dies, money and support aren't what is holding them back,' said Sherri Bruinhout, Melbourne City Mission's director of homelessness and justice.

'I think it's a very harsh decision and the minister could be showing his compassion this Christmas to a young man and his family at a critical time in there lives,' she said.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Immigration Minister Mr Peter Dutton to reconsider the Visa refusal of Mr Hassan Asifs family and on compassionate grounds allow his family to come on a Visit Visa to be with their Son/brother at the time of his death.

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