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Troy Buswell admitted to "sniffing the chair" of a female at a meeting. He was described as making sexual noises, and writhing around in mock pleasure after completing this humilating act in front of this female colleague and others.

He has previously snapped a bra of a female in a work environment.

His mysoginistic, disgusting behaviour towards women SHOULD NOT be tolerated. This is the man who MAY be elected to lead our state and be in charge of policy affecting women. He shows a lack of respect, complete immaturity, and deaming, sexualising behaviour towards women. How would he handle domestic violence policy? How would he handle sexual harrassment policy when he has admitted to being a perpertrator!


We the voting public of Western Australia demand that the WA Liberal Party axe Troy Buswell as leader immediately.

His behaviour towards women displays an utter lack of respect, insight and care towards what was a demeaning, sexualy harrassing act.

He cannot be trusted to lead WA on policy affecting women when he is not able to extend them equal respect or a sense of dignity.

If he is NOT removed as leader, you will be assured that we will NOT be voting for the Liberal Party at the next State election.

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