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By the end of 2009, the jobless rate stood at 10.0 percent and the number of unemployed persons at 15.3 million. Among the unemployed, 4 in 10 (6.1 million) had been jobless for 27 weeks or more, by far the highest proportion of long-term unemployment on record, with data back to 1948.

Thus, as the recession lengthened and unemployment rose, the share of jobless workers ages 25 to 54 and those 55 years and over that remained unemployed from month to month increased, while the share that left the labor force or became employed declined.

These changes all contributed to the overall rise in long-term unemployment among those age groups. The share of jobless younger workers that remained unemployed also increased, but they were still as likely to drop out of the labor force as they were before the onset of the recession. US Bureau of Labor Statistics. America is at a crisis. Taxpayers were forced to bail out Wall Street and big businesses, now in their time of need Republicans voted against bailing out America's unemployed voting down H.R. 4213 stimulus package in another senseless filibuster and let's not forget it was their guy President Bush that put us in this situation even if they don't want to. Did they care about the deficit then?

We continue to fund wars that will never have a outcome, invite leaders from other countries that hate us, give the rich a lower tax break than ordinary citizens but now cannot help Americans who are losing their homes and livelihood? The same Americans who put the President and these Senators in office? With the elections coming up, we advised you look real closely at the people we put in office and demand President Obama and the Senate take action immediately.

We, the undersigned, call on Congress for a immediate revote of H.R. 4213 stimulus package before the July 4th break.

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