Peter Dutton MP

We ask that Pastor Logan Robertson be released immediately from detention prison. He is being treated unfairly and being persecuted for standing firm in his faith. This is completely unjust and not fair to him. Pastor Logan had arranged for an interview for a documentary he was working on and ended up in a debate where he was simply stating his faith and stating true facts about the history of The Islamic faith. Pastor Logan has the right to freedom of speech just like anyone else. Just like other people that day freely spoke about their religion and defended it. It is completely unfair to keep him imprisoned like a criminal and to threaten to have his visa canceled for speaking true facts in a religious debate that was somehow captured by news. The debate was recorded and Pastor Logan did not commit an offence. As Christians we should not stand by and watch this man of God be persecuted and like a criminal for being involved in a religious debate with a Muslim. This is not a criminal offence here in Australia. This was not “hate speech” it was true facts. Pastor Logan has been imprisoned for over a week and denied a Bible. Thieves, murders, rapists and terrorists have more rights. Pastor Logan had arranged an interview for his documentary he is producing, based on exposing the teachings of Islam. Given the circumstances Pastor Logan was bold and stood firm in the truth. Peter Dutton release Pastor Logan Robertson for his right to have Freedom of speech in a reglious debate. It was a discussion on religious differences, no crime was committed.

Please sign this petition in order to release Pastor Logan Robertson from detention prison where he has been placed for over a week and awaits to have his visa cancelled and be deported back to New Zealand. He has been denied a Bible and being persecuted for speaking true facts when an arranged interview for a documentary that he was working on, turned into a debate on national television. Pastor Logan stood firm and was bold in stating true facts about the Islamic faith and for defending his belief in Jesus Christ and his vision of reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was a religious debate. This is unfair and unjust that he has been placed in detention prison and even denied his bible under the treat of deportation. Release Pastor Logan Robertson immediately and allow him to return to his home, family, friends and ministry in Queensland, where he should be free to preach the gospel of his religious beliefs just like any other religious organisations.

The Immediate Release of Pastor Logan Robertson From Dention Prison. petition to Peter Dutton MP was written by Tania Smith and is in the category Religion at GoPetition.