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President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

This letter was sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations the April 26, 2018.

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Dear Secretary-General,
We would like to take the opportunity to call your attention to the case of Ms Narges Mohammadi.
Mrs Narges Mohammadi is an Iranian human rights activist.
Mrs Narges Mohammadi was first arrested in 1998 for her criticisms of the Iranian government and spent a year in prison. In April 2010, she was summoned to the Islamic Revolutionary Court for her membership in the DHRC. She was briefly released on US$50,000 bail but re-arrested several days later and detained at Evin prison. Mohammadi's health declined while in custody, and she developed an epilepsy-like disease causing her to periodically lose muscle control. After a month, she was released and allowed to go to the hospital.
In July 2011, Mohammadi was prosecuted again, and found guilty of "acting against the national security, membership of the DHRC and propaganda against the regime". In September she was sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment. Mrs Narges Mohammadi stated that she had learned of the verdict only through her lawyers and had been "given an unprecedented 23-page judgment issued by the court in which they repeatedly likened my human rights activities to attempts to topple the regime". In March 2012, the sentence was upheld by an appeals court, though it was reduced to six years. On 26 April, she was arrested to begin her sentence.
On July 31, 2012, Mohammadi was released from prison.
On May 5, 2015, Ms. Mohammadi was again arrested on the basis of new charges.
An Appeals Court has upheld the 16-year prison sentence. She will become eligible for release after serving 10 years in prison.
Mrs Narges Mohammadi won the 2009 Alexander Langer award for her human rights activities, especially her efforts to end the death penalty for juvenile offenders in Iran.
Mrs Narges Mohammadi suffers from a chronic illness that causes partial paralysis, which has worsened due to her imprisonment.
We call for a strong diplomatic pressure for her immediate and unconditional release.
Mrs Narges Mohammadi is an innocent woman.
Thanking you in advance for your time on this important and urgent matter.
Yours sincerely.

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