#Consumer Affairs
Department of Economic Development (DED)
United Arab Emirates

3 June 2020:
IKEA UAE has been running operations and stores as normal but fails to deliver goods to customers that have already been paid for. Alongside poor delivery, there have been numerous recorded instances where IKEA UAE has sent incorrect/broken/damaged goods and has failed to refund/exchange said items.

IKEA UAE has been promising false claims on their website and social media accounts by responding to customers through private messages and comments in an attempt to silence complaints. However, no action has been taken against these complaints and customers were not yet contacted to address said issues. IKEA UAE fails to answer to phone calls, emails and electronic forms on the designated website.

Despite being held back by numerous issues, (including not delivering/assembling furniture via Express Shipping) IKEA UAE is still running operations and publishing ads on their platforms and channels. Customers who have visited IKEA UAE stores in Dubai have also not yet received their refund or exchanged goods. This petition calls on IKEA UAE to comply to Consumer rights based on consumer protection law no. (24) Of 2006 in the Emirate of Dubai and take the necessary action in response to the regulations and accusations.

We, the undersigned, call on IKEA UAE to comply with the Consumer rights based on consumer protection law no. (​24) Of 2006 in the Emirate of Dubai, and to deliver and fulfill all services which have been paid in lieu by the customers of IKEA UAE.

This is kindly addressed to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the Emirate of Dubai to take notice and pursue necessary action against IKEA UAE for failing to keep up with basic business commitments, responsibility to consumer, dishonest service and breach of basic consumer rights.

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