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http://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchB…/…/CBP-7836 - The guidance makes it clear that local authorities should not use Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) to target rough sleepers.
#Bristol appears to be using 'potential terrorism threat' as a weapon against the homeless. Watch! https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/…/bristol-business-chief-want…

The above links provide the background for this petition. Being that:
Rough sleepers occupying public spaces within the city centre of Bristol are being systematically targeted and living in fear with regard to the bullying, harassment and legal threat of Bristol city council (Destination Bristol and the head of the Broadmead Business Improvement District (BID) team) and the council's funded agent/partner for homeless people, which is commonly known as 'Streetwise.'

In it's capacity as a funded agent/partner of the council, Streetwise describes itself as "A multi-agency approach to tackling street based ASB (Anti Social Behaviour).

Homelessness in itself is not anti social behaviour, and where powers are being used under the auspices of ASB legislation to implement alleged criminal activity against rough sleepers in ways which interpret as an abuse of such legislative powers and therefore victimises rough sleepers, Bristol city council and it's agents/partners are jointly culpable in this pernicious, and I suggest, unlawful activity.

It would appear that Streetwise adopt what is interpreted by rough sleepers as threatening and aggressive behaviour as a means of compliance to engage with Streetwise, even though rough sleepers express their preference to engage with other independent voluntary service providers within Bristol, and where compliance is not adhered to Streetwise have more recently begun to penalise rough sleepers by serving legal papers on them in the form of an injunction so that legal (borderline criminal) measures may be taken to forcefully remove, by powers of arrest, rough sleepers from the spaces they occupy, and by dint of having nowhere else to live. All of which contravenes the Home Office Guidance in terms of targeting 'Rough Sleepers'.

In serving the injunction no prior effort appears to be made by Streetwise to engage with and establish any potential mental or physical needs of rough sleepers or their literacy abilities, and no prior advice offered or given regarding the legal rights of rough sleepers. Which therefore presents itself as lacking in duty of care, due diligence and dignity where rough sleepers are concerned.

The conclusion being that either Bristol city council and Streetwise are blissfully unaware of Home Office Guidance; which is highly unlikely, or perhaps deliberately pulling the wool over the public's and rough sleepers eyes by wilfully and blatantly ignoring it, in the hope that their methodology will go without notice and not be challenged.

This petition requests Bristol city council to publicly acknowledge that it is aware of Home Office Guidance and offer explanation as to why it is not being followed and accept responsibility for its actions and those of its agents/partners.

This petition also requests Bristol city council to publish in the public domain for consultation a robust and rigorous, definitive mandate of 'Rough Sleeper Policy' with immediate effect, which explicitly details the council's forward procedural plan, and when it will be implemented.

Please support this petition by signing it so that public support via social media will create awareness of how vulnerable rough sleepers are being treated, in order for people power to bring about their democratic right to challenge Bristol city council and bring about change so that rough sleepers are treated with dignity, respect, and more importantly humanity.

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