#Human Rights
Lt Govenor Mike Parsons
United States of America

Ok so everyone around me is living there worst nightmares it's not real but fabricated taken to levels of way screwed up reality so here it is when someone is precieved as something then shows the world otherwise then shows the world real faith an loyalties on me ( kyle Parsons) a little nobody then has the ppl be behind it giving support an routing for me then no doubt 100% fabricated chaos an it isn't right cause you can't force something that's not meant to be its 100% wrong

We unite an stand on it real tall because we are individuals in a community state and nation an as individuals standing together means we are all different an not the same ever period an will never be ..so we come together to show what's meant to be is gonna be no matter the fake or creation nightmares most are seeing ..that my heart has lied true an I'm living proof bc against all odds ...my color is still blue an I'm getting stronger by the day

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