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We are presenting this petition so that you, yourself, can urge the Idaho State legislature to fight the Democratic Socialists, Statists and Communists that are attacking our way of life. These are people who are trying to convert our Republic into a totalitarian one man, one vote democracy that tyrannizes rural Americans with a promised "fundamental change." They are advocating a system where your Freedoms are exchanged for a political system, of supposed equality, where you must ask the local commissar for permission to move, to travel, to communicate or what job you can have, basically forcing you to implore the government to be able to do anything.

By having you sign the petition below, we hope to convince the Legislature to submit to us an amendment to the Idaho Constitution so the People of Idaho can decide whether or not to re-instate our republican form of government, the one that we pledge allegiance to, where every Idahoan can participate and also allows the least among us to voice their concerns to the State government whose job is to make Idaho law fair to all of Idaho's communities...or whether we want the promised Communist utopia.


We the people, citizens of Idaho, do hereby respectfully demand that the Legislators of the State of Idaho do, in pursuance of their sworn oath of office to protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Idaho, take all steps necessary to first stop and then mend the damage done to this Sovereign State by the tyrannical and un-Constitutional rules, laws, edicts, opinions, and decisions promulgated by un-elected bureaucrats, executive orders by the President, un-delegated law making by the Congress, and Court decisions made that are not in Pursuance of the powers granted the Federal government in the Constitution of the United States of America.

We are abundantly cognizant that our forefathers were fully alert and attuned to the dangers and methods used by the powerful to impose tyranny upon the general populace...that is why the 10th Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights. The 10th Amendment gives the State of Idaho exclusive Right to reject any power not specifically delegated to the United States in the Constitution.
Nowhere in the Constitution is there a power for the United States to apportion Legislatures, to define marriage, to abort unborn children, to manage forests, fields and wildlife, regulate intra-state commerce, regulate schools, provide law enforcement, define sex or a myriad of other things...the 10th Amendment makes it clear that if it is not explicitly given to the United States, it belongs to the States or to the People.

We, the undersigned, in order to preserve our Constitutional Right under Article IV Section 4 to a Republican form of government, do respectfully and fervently demand that you follow your oath and right those wrongs, past, present and future that have been, are being and may be in the future promulgated upon us by minions of the Federal government which are antithesis to our Republic.

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