Canadian Federal and Provincial External Affairs Government Officials

On September 4th, 2007 FTAC filed a 301 petition with the US Congress against Canada’s incentives to non-Canadian film and television production.


This section 301 petition ignores the simple fact that approximately 36 states and a dozen European countries also offer similar incentive programs to the motion picture industry and various countries this industry operates in.

Kathleen Higgins
IATSE local 891
Business Representative

The membership of I.A.T.S.E. local 891 and the motion picture workers of Canada are requesting that the Provincial and Federal Government External Affairs officials of Canada and its Provinces, monitor the progression of the Section 301 petition filed on September 4th to the US Congress by FTAC.

We put in this petition to request and ensure the support and protection by our elected officials of the 4 billion a year motion picture industry and the associated jobs for Canadians.

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