those who are hurting
United States of America

The world is a dark place. So many suffer alone. They have no one to reach them so they cry on silently. Sometimes, they just need someone to reach out. To open the doors and let them in- a shoulder to cry on, or empathy. Don't turn your back on those that are hurting. Rather listen with your heart to hear those who are crying out silently. Be a hero in someone else's life. Listen.

I will open my eyes and heart to hear the cries of those around me. I will try to take my eyes off myself, and notice those around me. If I am a religious person, I will pray for guidence on how to reach those who are hurting. If not, I'll just try my hardest to make myself aware of the struggles of others. I will listen for the cries of the hurting, and be a friend to those I can.

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