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This is my second Petition. If you like this Petition then please also check my other Petition: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/my-fan-made-character-010.html

As for the Topic. Yes I want Norman Reedus to play the character. Do you want to see him as Ghost Rider? Even if MCU already has a Ghost Rider, Marvel has many. If some of you don't agree, I can give you some reasons to why he is the Ideal Choice to play Ghost Rider.

Norman Reedus. Best known for his roles in The Boondock Saints (I & II), The Walking Dead and the upcoming Video Game: Death Stranding. However, despite these roles I want him to join MCU Roster as Ghost Rider.

Nicholas Cage was Good as Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider but it was all ruined by the Spirit of Vengeance and as for Gabriel Luna who plays Ghost Rider in MCU is playing the role of Robbie Reyes. Who drives a Dodge Charger (not complaining, its amazing) and went to Hell (Literally). Therefore there should be a new Ghost Rider in Town and I vouch for Norman Reedus.

Before he got into acting, Norman was formerly working in Harley-Davidson workshop. Which is a Motorcycle Company that makes Cruiser Bikes (mostly). He is also a Biker (judging by his reality TV Show). Apart from The Walking Dead, he has another TV Show. It's a reality TV show where he takes his fans on a ride with him on a Motorcycle. Its called "Ride with Norman Reedus". Even he wants to Play Ghost Rider and he has confirmed it (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0wsB4tJfao).

After the untitled Avengers IV film, MCU won't be the same and might lose many of its Major Characters, they can use other underrated or not-well-known superheroes to continue. Enter Ghost Rider. Since MCU still has Robbie Reyes, Norman can play either Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch. Both are Ghost Riders, both rides bikes and both will look amazing when Norman Reedus gets his hands on either them. Since Johnny Blaze was played by Nick Cage and if MCU don't want Johnny Blaze (for some reason). Norman can play Danny Ketch. If a movie does not work then he can appear in the Agents of Shield and mentor Robbie into learning some new tricks over the Years of Experience he had ad a Ghost Rider. Who's with me? Do you want to see Norman Reedus as Ghost Rider? Do you want to see him as Johnny Blaze? or Danny Ketch? Sign and let me know.

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