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We, at Literacy First Charter Schools excitedly await the approval of our NEW HIGH SCHOOL location at 1530 Jamacha Rd. in El Cajon.

We have completed several environmental impact studies that range all the way from traffic to archaeology regarding the site of our proposed high school. We have revised our plan under the guidance of the San Diego County Planning and Development Services, as well as several specialty firms including Hamann Companies.

We are now ready to ask for YOUR SUPPORT! Will you sign this petition in support of building Liberty Charter High School at 1530 Jamacha Rd in El Cajon??!!

To the community - We would like to emphasize that Literacy First Charter Schools values community involvement as a key tenant of our educational model. We believe that good citizenship includes being good neighbors. Our student body, our families, and our faculty and staff are committed to this goal with us. We value ownership, and we conduct our school day and events with integrity. We expect that our staff and students conduct themselves in the same respectful manner. Per our commitment to being good citizens, and per our proposed agreements with the San Diego County planning department: lighting, traffic, noise, environmental impact, and the safety of our families and yours have been carefully studied. The results of these studies have yielded several positive changes to our plan over the course of many many months of careful revision.

Literacy First Charter Schools will be celebrating its 20th year this fall. Our enrollment has grown every single year that we have existed, along with our waiting list that sometimes includes over 1,000 eager families. Our proposed high school will serve a maximum of 450 students. At Literacy First, every child is known. We believe that education is not a one size fits all endeavor. Some students thrive in large schools, and some thrive in small schools. Shouldn’t we give our families a choice when it comes to the place where their child will spend seven or more hours per day? We do not seek to replace or detract from any school that is presently operating. We currently have over 1,000 students enrolled in our K-8 programs within the boundaries of El Cajon. These students will funnel into our high school year by year.

Literacy First Charter schools exists to NURTURE the whole child from Kindergarten through high school graduation by IGNITING a passion for comprehensive literacy, and EQUIPPING them to wholeheartedly participate in their community.

Regarding traffic concerns - Per the 122 page Focused impact Traffic Study prepared by Kimley-Horn and Associates for Liberty Charter High School, the average control delay for the intersection at Chase and Jamacha will increase by 0-5 seconds during peak commuting time. To put in perspective the impact, the amount of cars during peak times on Jamacha Rd (Chase Ave to Penasco Rd) will increase from 26,170 to 26,363. The actual maximum capacity of this type of roadway is 37,000 cars. The section of roadway on Chase Ave (Jamacha Rd to Dwy 1) being widened as part of the construction will go from a current maximum capacity of 16,200 vehicles to an improved maximum capacity of 25,650 vehicles.

Regarding community safety -In the evaluation of environmental impacts in our Initial Study, the potential for adverse direct or indirect impacts to human beings were considered in the response to certain questions in: Aesthetics, Air Quality, Geology and Soils, Hazards and Hazardous Materials, Hydrology and Water Quality, Noise, Population and Housing, and Transportation and Traffic. As a result of this evaluation, there is no substantial evidence that there are adverse effects on human beings associated with this project.

PLEASE JOIN US BY SIGING AND SHARING THIS PETITION TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE NEW HOME OF THE LCHS LIONS! For the Pride!!! Thank you so much for your support. You can visit us online at www.lfcsinc.org

We, the undersigned, support building Liberty Charter High School at the location 1530 Jamacha Rd in El Cajon.

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