Central Coast, California
United States of America

Please share this message with someone you care about, it is from Chelsie Hill. Last year the Pacific Grove, CA teen was at a party. She decided to get in a car with a friend who had too much to drink. The accident that followed left Chelsie paralyzed.

Since then Chelsie has made it her mission to go to schools and talk to teens.

We invite you to sign the petetion and make the following pledge:

Teens: Underage drinking is not okay. However, If I drink, I will call my parents for a ride. I won't let someone else determine my destiny.

Parents: Underage drinking is not okay and I will let my child know that. But if my child does drink I will discipline them later. I will go get him/her now. I don't want anyone else determining my child's destiny.

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