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The MSA, along with all Monash campus student associations, is currently in the process of negotiating a funding agreement with the University.

We need this funding to continue running important services like student rights and welfare, and to continue enhancing the student experience on campus through departments like Clubs & Societies, Activities, Wholefoods, and Sir Johns’ Bar. Unfortunately the University are proposing unreasonable changes including moving to annual negotiations which is untenable for many different reasons:

• it means they can continue to cut our funding for vital student services every single year,
• we have no opportunity for responsible forward planning of the organisation, and
• it will result in fewer clubs, fewer events, no new services (such as the renovation of Sir John’s), and will seriously hinder student advocacy on campus.

Monash University students call on the University to recognise the important role student associations play in supporting students at Monash, and call on the University to:

1) Recognise that the MSA, and all Monash student associations, need security in funding in order to plan for the future, and commit to a 3 year funding agreement;

2) Recognise that the current level of funding is vital for the continued running of services, and commit to no decreases in funding;

3) Recognise the increasing size and standing of the University, and acknowledge that any cuts in funding are inappropriate, irresponsible, and unjustified.

4) Recognise that the MSA, and all Monash student associations, need to plan for major projects, and commit to allowing surpluses to carry over to future years to facilitate this;

5) Ensure that if the Federal Government allows for the creation of a student amenities fee, the University commits to ensuring that all of these funds go to the MSA, and other Monash student associations, in order to represent students.

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