I don't want BTS, a South Korean boy band to have to enlist in the army separately. It's not only me but their fans(ARMYs) all around the world. The army rule states that every male citizen should enlist in the Military before age 28 which would mean that the eldest member Jin (Kim Seokjin) will have to register soon. Considering the facts many people have got exemptions like athletes and national art competition winners. Music is a form of arts too. I don't ask them to not have to enlist at all as it is natural for a Korean but make an effort so that the members of band are not separated from one another. It is the least we can ask for. Although BigHit announced that no member will enlist this year but that does not eliminate the fact that they will have to do it next year.

This is a petition of request from ARMYs all around the world to the Korean Military Administration for not having to enlist the members of BTS in the army separately.

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The I DON'T WANT BTS TO ENLIST IN THE MILITARY SEPARATELY. petition to SOUTH KOREAN MILITARY ADMINISTRATION was written by Siddhi Gupta and is in the category Government at GoPetition.

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