HINKLER and Australia WIDE

I Do "NOT" Supportthe CashlessDebit Card.
The Degrading of individuals to Publicly Present this card to Any Retailer in the Public eye would be Downright Undignified and Humiliating !
I as a VOTEING Member of the Public find it Downright Deplorable and Unexcusable That ANY Government of Any Faction would Encourage the Removal of the last bit of Dignity that people have left under Social Security.
Furthermore Ownership of The People Do not belong to you or any government to do what you want with at any time, You work for the people and we find this a Breach of a Fundamental Human Right,...To make choices for ourselves and to be treated with Respect and Dignity.

It is Humiliating Enough to be "One of Them Dole Bludgers" MOST people that are on Benefits are DECENT LAW ABIDEING AUSTRALIANS That are in a situation they would rather NOT be in !
Now the Govenment wants to take away any Respect and Dignity that they have left and have them Humiliated on a weakly, If not Daily Occurance.
They Cannot say it is to Curb Drugs....Because Addicts get Twice as Much income than an Individual on Benefits, And they get Free Daily Methodone Treatments at the cost of the TAX Payer,So why would any addict accept Unemployment Benefits when Twice as Much can be earned by sickness benefits!!!
Old AGE Pensioners are The Most deserving to be living their Years out with Dignity and RESPECT.... VOTE NO TO THE USE OF THE CASHLESS DEBIT CARD !

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