Chestermere Regional Community Association

The residents of Chestermere purchased 20 plus acres from the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1920 for the purpose of recreation for it's residents. In 1929 it was designated for recreation purposes only. We have owned and operated the grounds and buildings until 1980.

At that time we made what many resident's and board members thought was a mistake and signed over our treasured lands to the County of Rockyview for $1.00? The condition's of the title change are suspect. Since becoming a independent town and now a city, our relationship with county has waned.

County is asking for more and more control while decreasing funding to a point where there hasn't been funding since March of 2014. There has been numerous threats to take over the CRCA operated facility by the county with no compensation to the membership. This means our 95 year community operated center would become another County owned asset valued at excess of $20,000,00.00 -$30,000,000.00 for the original 1980 purchase price of $1.00. Plus, it will be operated by county with a skeleton crew to minimize spending, as programming is a City of Chestermere issue. The result will be huge program and amenity cut's as the facility continues to deteriorate. Even though 40% of area County of Rockyview Citizens make up the CRCA membership, these taxpayers are getting thrown in with Chestermere residents and denied their entitled tax paying dollars.

Despite county being aware of the impact of this lack of funding is for the CRCA, the County has ceased to aid the CRCA in this financial crisis. They have opted to take their annual 6 week holiday while the CRCA rewrites the bylaws for the 3rd time this year at their request.

We, the undersigned, call on the County of Rockyview Council to immediately return our lands to it's rightful owners the residents of Chestermere and area County of Rockyview. Your ownership of our lands is jeopardizing any future development and operations of our community and area owned facility.

Our Chestermere City Council refuses to deal with the Rockyview Council on this matter and it is well known it is in the best interests of our children, sports and recreation that County of Rockyview ownership of our land is detrimental to our ability to operate, enhance and continue our 95 year old local community legacy.

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