#Civil Rights

My family was living in Arizona before Arizona Became a State.

I am constantly being labeled as a dirty Mexican.

It doesn’t matter what degree I hold or how much experience I have until I speech I am seen as just another immigrant.

I don't have children because I can't afford to support one, but people always assume I do, because I look like just another Mexican.

I worked at McDonalds when I was a kid and learned how to be great at costumer service, now every fast food restaurant is run by Mexican nationals that can even say McDonalds correctly.

I feel like no matter how much time goes by Americans are always going to treat me as less than or discriminate against me. Before people hated all the Mexicans they still were predigest against the Black, and I kind of look black also and I had rock thrown at me and was called the N word and treated badly by teachers and kids. It will never stop for me.

I just want to live in peace, I am proud of my heritage, but the immigrants coming over now are rude and could give a s hit about learning what it is to be an American, many collect well fare and are abusing our system. They have several kids and don't even care if they get and education. They are lowering our school standards and changing the way Americans used to be. We were number 1 now we are not.

If you are a Mexican immigrant, get off your butts and pass your test to become a citizen, learn the laws take interest in your child’s education and stop blasting that music, not everyone needs to here you coming down the street and get some birth control.

This was written by a true American, I may be of Mexican descent, but I am not an illegal immigrant... Don't judge a book by its cover, open it and read first before you make a judgment.

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