#Law & Order
Idaho Transportation Department 3311 W. STATE STREET | Boise, Idaho 83707
United States of America

The stretch of the freeway is being modified because it carries the highest traffic load of Ada and Canyon County residents. This freeway passes through our rural residential environment. As development has exceeded the current road structure, residents have been largely impacted. Additionally, less noisy areas like Five Mile and Lake Hazel Road have had sound walls installed and it is discriminatory to exclude residents effected by I-84.

Meridian Interchange Construction itd.idaho.gov/apps/meridianinterchange - ITD is replacing the I-84, Meridian Road Interchange and improving I-84 between Meridian and Five Mile roads with the use of federal money.

Residents located near these exchanges have been fighting a battle no one wants to bring attention to. Residents backed up to the freeway are in constant danger from blown semi tires and the ever increasing vehicle accidents.

This petitin has been sent to Idaho Transportation Department to approve a safety, sound barrier as population increases.

We the undersigned enlist support for the construction of safety and noise-mitigating walls along the Five Mile/Meridian Interchange as noise levels have increased with population.

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