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Why has the epic Shadowman, a '90s comic book and videogame alternative superhero not had its own movie yet?

Is this Wikipedian paragraph not reason enough for a film to be made from this Valiant Entertainmet hero? [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadowman_%28comics%29]: "Among its fans, Shadowman counts Ice Cube who went so far as to approach Acclaim Entertainment (when they controlled the title) about mounting a feature film.[10] Acclaim rebuffed the approach as they were focused on the success of the Shadowman video game franchise. Others linked with the role include Will Smith, DMX and The Game."

We, the collected but scattered fans of Shadowman, his universe and mythology are of the opinion that this alternative hero's adventures be made into a movie.

With 2011 being full of 'big name' superhero movies, Shadowman would set itself apart from Cap or Thor as an alternative superhero movie, with its Voodoo protagonist and horror overtones. Please people, sign my petition - and movie-makers, get cracking!

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