#Human Rights
Communities, inner cities, rural location and suburbs
United States of America

Sexual abuse affects everyone. It affects women, men and children, families and communities.

This outreach consists of raising awareness about this concern and having a non profit organization in Pennsylvania that is effective.

This petition is in reference to help victims of sexual abuse and to raise awareness while respecting the privacy of victims. Victims need a place to turn to for help during crisis of abuse.

This petition is coordinated to support the non profit organization, THUGS= LOVE. The goals of THUGS consists of thoroughly explaining that sexual abuse is either verbal and physical. It is also non consensual. Most of the time, victims have some type of rapport with they're offenders.

Whether the offender is a friend, co worker, boyfriend, girlfriend, or relative it is generally someone the victim knows. Victims may act differently and be affected differently from assault. Some may suffer from prolonged depression, while others may recover more rapidly. We want victims and the public to know that sexual abuse is unacceptable.

It won't be tolerated. Issues such as how a victim was dressed, if a victim was drinking or behaved provocatively doesn't matter. Human beings should not be attacked or abused sexually. The goal is also to educate the public as to what to do to prevent diseases in relation to sexual intercourse. What to do when a condom breaks and what to do to get help. Our mission is to help victims overcome and help them restore their strength and dignity.

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