#Animal Rights
Stray / Feral Cats In Palm Beach County
United States of America

The feral/stray cat population in Palm Beach County is at an all time high. The only proven humane method is Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). This process over time will reduce the cat population. 2 cats in 4 years will produce 331,000 offspring.

As a community, if we all work together we can make a difference in Palm Beach County.

1) Education in our community regarding the importance of spaying and neutering. (Spay/Neuter save lives)

2) Responsible pet ownership. (Till death do us part commitment).

3) Programs to help with the stray/feral cats.

Help us help the cats of Palm Beach County.

Sterilization fees run between $30.00 and $75.00 per cat depending on the veterinary clinic .


There is an extensive waiting list for the $30.00 Spay/Neuter clinic.

We can assist with:

1) Trapping
2) Clinic Appointments
3) Transporting
4) Holding cats post-op
5) Returning cats back to there original location

We are a non-profit All donations go directly to saving the cats. We are all volunteers.

Barbara D. Harnden
PBC Cats, Inc.

Palm Beach County, Florida Commissioners:

We the undersigned people of Palm Beach County, Florida. Are petitioning for Animal Rights and Animal welfare for the Stray / Feral Cats in Palm Beach County, Florida.

(I) Ordinance for feeding Stray / Feral Cats in Palm Beach County, Florida. ( People are fined )

{A} If people were not feeding Stray / Feral Cats there would be a lot more calls about complaints about the Stray / Feral Cats called to Animal Care and Control.
{B} There would be more Stray / Feral Cats in trash cans at Business and Residential areas.
{C}Allowing (TNR) groups to assist people in the community about the process of ( Trap - Neuter - Return.)

(II) Education in our community about Trap-Neuter_Return. Allowing PBC Cats Inc and all other groups to assist the Community to work with Stray and Feral Cats with Animal Care and Control.

{A} Having paper work to allow the (TNR) groups; So that the caregiver can fill out the paper work to be taken to Animal Care and Control.
{B} Allowing the (TNR) groups to assist the Disabled with a photo copy of their Drivers licence (showing they are a Palm Beach County Resident) and food stamp cards ( showing that they are on public assistent.

(III) There should be a stepping tool with the Stray/ Feral in Palm Beach County, Florida.

(A) Complaints in the community about Stray Feral Cats should be first give a (TNR) group a chance to see if it could be resolved before taking them away.
(B) If the ears are not notched then give caregivers a warning and 30 days to get it worked on to get it started. Also a phone number of a group that could help assist them. If after 30 days and they did not follow through then they be given a fine. If the ears are notched is plain to see they are trying to do the right thing.
(C) If there are cats that must be moved give the time needed to humanly to be move.

(VI) Homes with Hoarders allowing all rescue groups a chance to get them out before they are Euthanized.

{A} Give one group a chance to see if they can make calls to the other groups to save them before they are Euthanized.
Cats and Kittens with Upper Respotory let them be given a chance by the rescue groups before they are Euthanized. ( If a group or groups are willing to care for them gave them a chance too.)
{B} Allow a (TNR) person to work with Animal Care and Control at a hoarders home ( If all efforts are made then remove them.)
{D} Lets all work together as a community to slow down the Euthanized Cats in our community.

In Nov 2008 Report FY 2009 Animal Care and Control Division the Stray / Feral cats Euthanized was down 28.09%, First time in Palm Beach Countys history. Its because Animal Care and Control had 3 opt around the clocks and all the people doing TNR in their community.


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