#Human Rights
UNO, China, USA, Amnesty International

Urge UNO and International MEDIA and Community to investigate on the non-respect of Human Rights in Tibet by the China Communist Party.

Appeal To UNO and World Leaders
Subject: Pursuing China to Stop Bloodshed & Free Tibet

The recent ineffable horrendous, brutal aggression, crackdown and barbarous killing of calm, peace loving and naive Tibetans. This can be termed nothing less then an incredible violation of fundamental Human Rights and an insult to dignity of humanity.

It's an irony that the world is shockingly tolerant and silence towards it. The world today dwells in a global order that is committed to basic human respect and communal dignity. A big question arises and hits at the very values and principles upon which democracy, human values and human rights is based. Ironically, dignity in any manner will be on verge of loosing its significance, if we do not strongly come up now against the atrocious vampire China, a potential threat to the Earth & human kind. We sincerely urge you to pursue China to free Tibet and deeply condemn Chinar for the brutal ness it has shown in Tibet.

Inevitable it is, if we all want to save humanity, peace, brotherhood, non-violent practices and health of environment on Earth, to immediately and make Tibet free from the evil clutches of china by vehemently supporting H.H. Dalai Lama's way of non-violent freedom struggle for Tibetan cause, hereby we appeal you to come up strongly in support of H.H. Dalai Lama's way of non-violent freedom struggle, otherwise people will always blindly turn to a destructive way of struggle. Which by no means will be a right way in establishment of peace on earth. The recent development in Tibet is a testimony to it.

We need your support to H.H. Dalai Lama's recent demand of probing into fresh events of violence in Tibet by a unbiased investigating agency as per & according to international law is being earnestly appealed by us to you. It is quite obvious that it is none other than China who is responsible for it. There is a strong evidence of Tiananmen Square Massacre against China, that it brutally crushed the wave of protest of students at Tiananmen square in April-June 1989, while they were peacefully raising voice for democracy and liberty in China. Also that, till date China had murdered almost 12 Lac. Tibetans in its mission of genocide in Tibet. Hence we request you to consider our appeal and come up strongly to take some action.

How, can we forgot this reality that before the forcible brutal capture of Tibet by China, Tibet used to be a independent country and never ever it had been a part of China. Hence we appeal you to kindly support in interest of saving truth, peace & humanity and consider this reality leaving aside economical, political and other interest in support of it, so that China can be forced to free Tibet unconditionally, which she claims to be her part of its mainland.

China allegedly terms its dreadful barbarousness as a people's war. But dues to recent killing of innocent Tibetans, it is nothing but a further step toward Tibetan genocide. It proves that China is still keen in practicing Maoism.

Spreading unity, peace and brotherhood, hence in interest of the welfare of the world, you are requested to kindly come up strongly in inquiring to the Kirti Monastery in Tibet If China does not come down immediately and free Tibet unconditionally. Please do also spread the message of this demand for respecting HUMAN RIGHTS world over.

Today if we fail to save Tibet then it will serve no good to world peace. Which in turn will be help to country like China, whose way of life is violence will come up more strongly and turning the world into a battle field.

We expect your kind consideration and action for Save Tibet-Save Humanity.... Save Tibet-Save World-Peace!

With Regards,

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