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Very few companies offer same sex domestic partnership health coverage. Very few states even acknowledge the civil union of a homosexual couple/married couple.

Although there appears to be some progress being made, there is still a lack of basic human rights. For example, human rights of being able to file income tax as a married couple, being able to have survivorship rights in the event that one person dies , being able to have input into health care decisions. Health care decisions can even be as basic as not being allowed to see the person because hospitals have rules on immediate family only in certain situations.

Even though some companies have domestic partner health coverage and some states do recognize civil unions for same sex married couples, they still lack privileges to the same basic human rights as married heterosexual couples. The marriage resolution states, “Because marriage is a basic human right and an individual choice; RESOLVED, the state should not interfere with same-sex couples who choose to marry and share fully and equally in the rights, responsibilities and commitment of civil marriage.”

Supporting the Marriage Resolution is just one simple step that people can take to balance the work towards marriage equality. Up to 21 percent of all same sex couples have access to a legal protection or status through civil unions. Civil Unions are available only in Vermont, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Hate crimes or discrimination can consist of to be treated unfairly when you are going to buy a house, apartment, facing discrimination when you are looking for a place of residence and harassment in the schools.

As many younger people start to recognize their sexual orientation, there appearance in school has grown. According to a 2005 GLSEN survey, 75.4 percent of students heard remarks about lesbian or gay students. The same survey found that one-third of students experienced physical harassment at schools because of their sexual orientation, while one-fourth of students experienced physical harassment because of their gender appearance.

One of the biggest fears among the heterosexual population is that homosexual couples express their lifestyle on children. “Children raised by homosexuals do not necessarily become homosexuals.” (Romano, Charlie)There is no valid proof that a homosexual couple is qualified or less qualified as a heterosexual couple in raising a child.

There are very significant statistics on heterosexual couples and heterosexual crimes act against children than in a homosexual couples. (For example: children being abused by heterosexual couples vs. children being abused by a homosexual couple.)

Did you know that homosexual couple’s do not have these basic rights that we (heterosexuals) take for granted? For examples being able to have civil unions, being able to file income tax returns, adopting a child, being considered as immediate family, being able to be recognized as a couple rather than partners, and there are many more things we take for granted.

Homosexuals deserve the same basic rights as married heterosexuals, in fields of financial/survivorship benefits, health/welfare benefits, and civil rights. If the norm was same sex marriage, outcast would be the relationship being that way heterosexuals would be fighting for the same rights that homosexuals are fighting for now.

Homosexual couples have fought for years and continue to fight for some of these basic rights.

Homosexuals deserve the same basic rights as married heterosexuals, in fields of financial/survivorship benefits, health/welfare benefits, and civil rights.

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