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The Administration of North Iredell High School
United States of America

Understanding how cultures change over time is one of the primary lessons learned in any High School history class. Hugging, in the past, has traditionally been an honor reserved only for close family members, but in our generation hugging has become the primary form of greeting not only family, but close friends, acquaintances, and even people you have just met or never really talked to before. Girls hug girls, guys hug guys, and yes, guys hug girls. A recent article from The New York Times calls the hug 'the evolution of the American greeting.'

Frankly, the majority of students strongly agree with the rules against kissing and other inappropriate sexual advances at school, nobody enjoys seeing two individuals with their faces stuck together when they are trying to get to class.

We feel that the common greeting of a hug should not be included in the rule against PDA, as the majority of hugs have absolutely no sexual undertones and are between friends who we consider as part of our extended families.

We, the undersigned, as students of North Iredell High School, supporters of said students, and Citizens of the United States of America where hugging is essential to social development and is an integral aspect of culture, ask the administration of North Iredell High School to rethink their decision on hugging as PDA.

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