#Human Rights
all kenya citizens

The roads in Kaptembwo have been in a very bad condition in a very long time. We have tried to contact the responsible Parties but they never take action instead they are insulting and calling us Names. Councilor Japhter Maina Maniga is the councilor Kaptembwo War 13.

We are now demanding our rights since its stated in the new constitution "Chapter 42" that every person has the right to clean and healthy environment. We are giving him two weeks to take action or else we will encourage the Kaptembwo residents to demonstrate and fight for our rights.

We have created petitions demanding immediate action failure to that the councilor is requested to step down. Please help us collect these signs

We, the Undersigned, Call an Kaptembwo Councilor to take immediate action in repairing Kaptembwo roads that have been in bad condition for a very long time.

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