Charitable donations and planning permission
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Men in Sheds started originally in Australia in 2006. It evolved out of a need recognised for retired men who found the adjustment from work to retirement difficult, resulting in depression and a high suicide rate. Since then Men in Sheds has grown at an astounding rate across the world. At the most recent count, there are 395 Men in Sheds currently open in the UK, with 8350 shed members.
This is a proven project that offers members the opportunity to share tools and resources they need to work on their own projects, or projects for the community, in a safe and friendly environment. It is a place to build friendships whilst sharing and learning skills from each other.
Our vision for the Shed in the West Hucknall area is not only to provide health and well-being for retired people but also to address other needs within the community, such as friendship and confidence building for the unemployed and those who are lonely, bereaved or with mental health issues.
We currently have full plans for a new building in the grounds of St Peter and St Paul’s Church solely for the purpose of housing Hucknall Men in Sheds. We are looking for support in a variety of ways from businesses, the community and funding organisations. We are raising awareness of our project and asking for approval, funding and letters of support.
We are currently liaising with Basford College and will be offering their apprentices the opportunity to help us build this gift to our community. The apprentices will benefit from being part of a very worthwhile venture, whilst also learning top quality skills of brick laying, electrical work and plumbing. Everything will be finished to a high quality in accordance with all building regulations and standards. Together we will build a brick building which will house a machine shop for turning and shaping wood, a storage area for all the materials and a work area for other crafts.
To enable this great community project to go ahead we are asking for the petition to be signed to show community support.
We are also seeking any kind donations in the form of funds, woodworking machinery or building materials from local merchants and businesses.

We the undersigned think that the new proposed 'Hucknall Men in Sheds' is a great idea. We think many people from our community will use these facilities and it will greatly benefit their well-being in every way. We support the need for 'Hucknall Men in Sheds' and the applications for funding and planning permission to ensure that the new building will be erected in the grounds of St Peter and St Paul's Church, Ruffs Drive, NG15 6JG.

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