as many signatures as possible sent to Howard Jones manager politely

This is not complicated. I am going to forward Howard Jones' Manager a very polite request, via any fans who wish to take part, for a gig at some stage in the future by Howard Jones concentrating on lesser played tracks (i.e. non hits or rarely played material). It is simply a polite request, an acknowledgement that there is interest ,from more than a handful of fans, for a gig concentrating on rarely played songs. No more no less.

I don't have any expectations about this request, simply that we let Howard know that a rare tracks gig would be well attended and would generate interest from many fans. If we get lucky and at some time in the future Howard does a gig then great, if he does not, no problem. Howard is his own man and a great musician and I am happy to see him push on with new material etc. We are just letting the man know that the interest is there among fans.

This is a very polite, signed request, on behalf of some fans of Howard Jones. Nothing more. Just a request. Many of us have never heard a considerable number of Howard's tracks live.

There are many reasons for this, Geography, our age (too young), or the fact that certain tours never made our home countries, or indeed that certain tracks have never been played live. By signing this petition you are simply indicating that you have an interest in hearing some rare tracks played in a live setting and attending a gig where that might happen. Simply that.

We respect the fact and celebrate the fact that Howard is doing new music and writing new material.

We are just indicating that we would like to hear a gig or two where rarely played material is presented.

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