As a fan of Tokyo Afterschool Summoners(usually shortened to Housamo), it would be a dream come true to see the characters from said setting, taking place in an alternate, mystical Tokyo, to appear in Alchemist Code. Housamo is a card game where you move your cards around to formations around a grid, in order to attack your enemies as efficiently as needed, requiring tactical prowess to get the most out of your characters' abilities, and attack range. Alchemist Code is a tactical RPG, featuring chibified 3D models, multiple jobs per character, and a battle system reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics, with every unit sporting unique roles, and uses, depending on their jobs, meaning most units will play differently from the next. Seeing characters from Housamo such as Moritaka, Goemon, Hephaestus, or mostly anyone, for that matter, would be quite exciting, seeing characters from two of my favorite mobile games come together, and interact. Plus, it might cite interest in the other games, giving fans of both a chance to meet characters, and see what they might be like.

We, the undersigned, wish to see a Housamo collaboration with Alchemist Code, and perhaps vice a versa, if Life Wonders would be willing.

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