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Heidi's Birthday & Co. GmbH

For the last three years, Heidi hasn't been able to celebrate her birthday in Brunico with her friends for various reasons (it actually was just work lol). This year, the "beautiful" 2020, finally we all can celebrate the 11th of July when Mamma Karin brought to life this trashy mess called Heidi. Despite that I, Heidi, am really looking forward to party with my friends, but that won't work if one of the most important people in my life isn't going to be there. Lukas Mayr Olsacher, one of the greatest people the world has ever seen and will ever see, is currently in Croatia for a family vacation and will only come back the 12th of July. Please sign this petition to let him come back in time for my birthday party that is going to take place in Brunico on the 11th of July. Please sign to make me, Heidi, happy, just for this one time. And if you, Lukas, are reading this, bitte, kim zrug hoam!

We, the undersigned, call on Lukas Mayr Olsacher to return earlier from his Croatian family vacation to celebrate the birthday of his absolute best friend, Heidi Pörnbacher, the evening of the 11th of July.

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