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The Crow Movie was first released in 1994 a year after Brandon lee's death. This movie was a strong part of Brandon Lee's career. He died making a movie he truly believed in and was proud to do. After his death there has been remake after remake of this classic that has disrespected the true crow fans and Brandon's memory.

He gave his all to this movie and his legend lives on with it. The original movie has helped many to overcome many problems in their lives.

Please stop this disgrace of a remake which disrespects Brandon and the Lee name as well as the fans.

I ask Relativity studios and Relativity media to please shut down production of this abomination of a remake. And remember we are the ones who make your company money, we are the ones who keep your studio and filming going, we buy tickets with our hard earned money. Without us you'll end up bankrupt.

We the undersigned call on Relativity Studio to stop the remake of the cult classic movie "the Crow".

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