Simon Cowell
United Kingdom

This week saw the judges houses take X-Factor to a new stage. Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne have taken the "singing contest" and turned it into a joke by putting through contestants such as HONEY G and BRATiVIO through to the final 12 when much better serious acts such as 4 of Diamonds were sent home

Due to the up roar and displeasure as we get sick of Joke acts making a mockery of the voting/view public. Please sign this petition and support Honey G until the show admits that certain Judges were wrong putting through certain acts.

We the undersigned hereby pledge our support to Honey G in protest to X Factor judges that don't take the show seriously.

I will vote for Honey G and help her win if it shows Simon Cowell that the viewers are fed up of the Joke Acts.

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The HONEY - G To Win X-Factor petition to Simon Cowell was written by Richard Hall and is in the category Television at GoPetition.