HorseLand is really pushing it now with us graphic makers, and those who enjoy buying layouts, and pictures.

I for one, cannot stand thinking we cannot have coverups, and have to see the awful, unattractive navigation and adverts at the top of the page -especially PREMIUM players who PAY $29.99/$20 a year on upgrades [in gbp its approx £15/£10]. Plus no tags or anything. The css ban was one step too far and now this? Ugh, doesn't it make you mad? -Zaira [player 938100]

Please sign the petition with your player name, number, and views on the new graphics rules. No words that wouldn't be allowed on HorseLand.

Acronyms ARE allowed.

Oh and that doesn't mean you cant use 'noob'. HL is just stoopid for banning words like that rah.

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