The Halton Catholic District School Board

On December 20, 2006 a student at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School, who we will refer to as simply Matt, was caught in the act of trafficking.

Although we realise this is highly illegal and any persons caught involved in this kind of behaviour should be given strict consequences, we are asking the Halton Catholic District School Board, and Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School to show mercy to Matt in this situation.

We aren't asking Matt to be exempt from any legal action. We are asking for Matt to be allowed to continue to attend school at Holy Trinity, if not this year then next year when he has served his probation or any charges that have been laid. As a catholic community we believe in second chances, Jesus showed mercy to those who have sinned, we are asking that the administration do the same.


We, the undersigned, feel that second chances are a part of life and Matt should be treated no differently.

We feel that after Matt has served his legal consequences, he will be permitted to continue his studies at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School.

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