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Hold the BBC accountable for lack of media coverage Re: South Arabia/South Yemen Community in the UK and the Southern Issue

We the South Arabia/South Yemen Community in the United Kingdom believe that it is important that the BBC Corporation should be aware of the concerns of viewers and listeners, we have raised our concerns to BBC in several instances complaining about the lack of media coverage, lack of impartiality, lacking neutral viewpoint.

We are challenging the BBC biased news coverage documenting the South Arabia/South Yemen issue as the BBC press reporters and the BBC World Service (BBC Arabic) political editors and their correspondent in Yemen and the BBC Radio Sheffield (siteen daqeeqa belarbi) presenter are attributing to the lack of coverage and are accused of their bias and their strong political views regarding the Southern Issue and the blackout of the South Arabia/South Yemen Community in the UK news.

However we believe that it is the BBC to blame for the media siege and lack of balance, we have made the corporation aware of our campaign for equality and that we will continue until our demands are met, we believe that our concerns have not been taken seriously and we deserve more than confirmation of receiving our complaints.

Hence we have taken the next step of petitioning on line and on hard copies and we aim to go further by raising such complaints to the appropriate governmental departments and regulating bodies including OFCOM and other authorities and organisations.

Campaigning for equality

The BBC is not anymore “The Worldwide leader in news” and definitely not trusted anymore.

The BBC used to be a respected source of news reporting. It has lost its objectivity and balance. It continues to do so in reporting the latest events in South Arabia/South Yemen.

Failing to be objective gives fuel to the Yemeni regime, which is a tyrannical regime , to continue disrupting the life in South Arabia , it continues its acts of violence against the peaceful inhabitants of South Arabia, and it continues its terrorist acts inside South Arabia . By doing so, the BBC ignores the truth which more then 90% of the South Arabian people are supportive of Self determination and independence.

We call on BBC to be an honest, balanced, objective news source and give the South Arabia/South Yemen people the acknowledgement they deserve.

Whereas we the undersigned believe in fair and equal reporting and coverage of our political news and whereas the BBC has been in the habit of making, rather than reporting on the political news and whereas we believe in the fair and equal reporting doctrine, we, the undersigned do hereby petition for a consumer boycott directed at the BBC to allow supporters of the case of South Arabia/South Yemen and their peaceful struggle for independence to read and hear "fair and balanced" reporting.

On behalf of the British South Arabia/Yemen Community.

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