Donald trump
United States of America

The government needs to be help liable for there wrong doings they need to know they work for the people of United states of America. I propose a fine say $10,000 for everyday the government shuts down cause it's not the peoples fault they cant agree on budgets or personal interests budgets. Also need to put term limits in congress like say 7 years and out no re-election for life. Also, not allowing side deals making money on things done while in office that's your job not to get kick backs stop being sells outs for a companies best interest you get base salary and that's that nothing more. No perks kick backs etc...

We the people of united states of american want polititions held accountable for there actions. Fined for delayed agreements, fined for deals not in the best interests for the american people. We have to stand up as a nation and remind these politicians they work for the United States of America and its people

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