State of Wisconsin Legislature
United States of America

CAFOS (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) concentrate large numbers of animals into small land areas. These operations produce vast amounts of nitrate-rich manure that when spread on surrounding farm fields frequently leach nitrate, phosphate and potassium pollution into the surrounding surface and ground water.

High levels of nitrates in drinking water are associated with blue baby syndrome, a condition that reduces babies' ability to carry sufficient oxygen in the blood, and has been associate with elevated cancer risks. Nitrates also cause excessive algae growth in waterways, suffocating aquatic life.

We, the undersigned, call on the Wisconsin Legislature to reevaluate the 2004 Wisconsin Livestock Facility Siting Law and Rule to restore some local authority to take into account localized concerns, such as high-quality waterways, clean drinking water, and prized wildlife habitat. We, the undersigned, call on the Wisconsin Legislature to return zoning power to local communities so that at least some areas can be maintained “CAFO-free.”

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