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Veterans, citizens, and elected officials of the United States of America
United States of America

The United States faces a critical threat to our national security. That clear and present danger is from radical Islamists. The threat is both global and in the homeland, as evidenced by the attacks on the United States and its allies before and after 9/11.

We have won the war against Al Qaeda in Iraq. However, the West, and America in particular, face serious challenges from a nuclear armed Iran, Syria a state sponsor of terror, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These threats are both far and near. Within America cells from each of these terrorist organizations and state sponsors of terrorism have been discovered. Others remain hidden and waiting. We are seeing a rise in Europe and America of "White Al Qaeda" and lone wolf terrorists radicalized using the Internet.

As the "hot wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan continue we have an Islamist "cold war" being conducted here in the United States. This takes the form of radical Imams in mosques funded by Saudi Arabia, the gradual introduction of Sharia law into our economic and social fiber, and foreign funding of terrorist organizations in America.

Both the "hot" and "cold" wars are being funded with petro-dollars. The spending of over $700 billion annually to purchase foreign oil is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the United States. Some of that money is being used to kill our troops and fund the radical Islamic movement in America. A strong economy and energy independence are therefore, in large part, national security issues.

The threat requires public debate at all levels. Candidates for public office at local, state and national levels must be aware of the threats we face and provide a plan to address them directly. This debate should be both from the bottom up and the top down.

A nationally televised debate between the two Presidential Candidates is imperative to raise public awareness and educate us all on their visions of a clear strategy for victory.

Both Presidential candidates have said they will finish the job in Iraq and "surge" more American troops into Afghanistan. Whoever is elected will be war time president!

It is time for Senators Obama and McCain to tell us how they will win the war!

We, the undersigned, call on Senators Obama and McCain to hold a nationally televised debate on the threat of radical Islam and explain their specific plans to win the Global War on Terror both abroad and in the homeland.

We respectfully request this debate be held during the week of the 7th Anniversary of 9/11, lest we forget.

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